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New prices are already lower!

Prices of reusable BioDar nests for osmia rufa starts from 0,10 Euro (cost of one nesting plate with 20 nests - 2.00 Euro). 
Prices of nests in sets of nesting trays - even lower than 0,08 Euro/nest.

The effectiveness of our patented BioDar sets for osmia bees is testified by hundreds of our customers who come back to us to enlarge their breeding, after trying the sets.

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Nesting trays (set - 5 units, up to 100 nests) for Mason Bee (osmia rufa / bicornis)Example of use - in hotel for insects, size S
Nesting trays (set - 5 units, up to 100 nests) for Mason Bee (osmia rufa / bicornis)Example of use - in hotel for insects, size S
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Nesting trays (set - 5 units, up to 100 nests) for Mason Bee (osmia rufa / bicornis)

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Nesting trays for Mason Bee (osmia rufa / bicornis)

Basic element of the BioDar System for running own breeding of Red Mason Bee and other solitary bees.
Its dimensions are adjusted to osmia bee requirements.

 In the BioDar System all the aspects of the bee breeding economy are based on one key element, which is the nesting tray. This type of nesting arrangements was developed as a result of long-term tests and verified in field conditions. Using nesting trays is a novel solution and a step forward towards other nesting materials and manners of solitary bees breeding 
(see development works). A possibility of using the same nesting trays in many consecutive breeding seasons is a basic advantage.
The nesting trays are made of thermoforming film used for food packaging production. This material is well accepted by bees, both at a stage of settling channels as well as transforming larvae into next developmental stages. The trays put together in a form of packages have two-ply sidewalls along the nest channels enabling temperature stabilisation inside the nests. The optimum length and the diameter of nest channels are adapted to the mason bee females requirements while laying eggs. Using the trays of the same dimensions during the whole breeding process makes possible the unification of the remaining equipment, which is an essential factor of the comprehensive development and the organization of the entire system.
The advantage of nesting trays of the BioDar System over other solutions proposed on the market (eg with styrodur tiles) is, among others, the possibility of quickly removing healthy cocoons from them, thanks to which mites or other parasites are not spread.
Nesting trays offered by BioDar company are legally protected (UP-RP / W.120675, DE 20 2013 000 232.8).

We also offer single tiles: Nesting tray for Mason Bee (osmia rufa / bicornis)

The dimensions of a set of 5 trays:
height: 4,5 cm,
width: 25,0 cm,
depth: 16,0 cm.

Dimensions of nest channels:
diameter 8 mm, length 14 cm.

Number of nest channels: 100. Such amount is needed when exposing about 100 bees.

nesting trays are sold in clear and brown colors, in a mixed system. This helps bees in orientation when building nests.

the nesting trays are covered with dust, which makes these nests more attractive for bees.

Nesting trays should be placed at any height, preferably not less than 1m from the ground, in a place providing protection against rain and wind, and must not be exposed to direct sunlight (high temperature during hot days may cause deformation of nesting trays and narrowing the nest channels)!

Cultural Farm BioDar implements its mission using the rich scientific achievements of the Institute of the Heritage of Villages and Regions and extensive cooperation with non-governmental organizations.
The protection of natural and cultural heritage is an important sphere of the Farm's activities, and one of the basic goals is to preserve biodiversity and breeding useful organisms that can be used in agriculture and horticulture.

Since 1989, we have been implementing a program for implementing of bumblebees and solitary bees for horticulate practice and since 2012 the company has been running its own breeding of solitary bees on a commercial scale. By participating in the creation of biological progress, we respond to the high demands placed on by food consumers and our customers in the field of high quality of offered products and the safety of their use.

The farm is part of the regional biodiversity conservation center. In this area of engagement, it runs conservation collections of crops with high biological value (historical varieties of agricultural, vegetable and fruit plants). In cooperating organic farms, it also oversees collections of medicinal, herbal and melliferous plants. Similar works are carried out for the protection of rare and endangered plants.

The sphere of cultural heritage includes products decorated in a way characteristic for different cultural groups. The high quality of our products is appreciated by very demanding customers. Their valuable remarks make the farm's offer constantly replenished and the products are perfected.
BioDar Sytem for breeding mason bees
Mason Bee - biology and use in agriculture, BioDar
Extracting of mason bee cocoons from BioDar nesting trays

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