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Have already osmia?

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  • NO, I don't have osmia, I am interested in growing my own breeding
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New prices are already lower!

Prices of reusable BioDar nests for osmia rufa starts from 0,10 Euro (cost of one nesting plate with 20 nests - 2.00 Euro). 
Prices of nests in sets of nesting trays - even lower than 0,08 Euro/nest.

The effectiveness of our patented BioDar sets for osmia bees is testified by hundreds of our customers who come back to us to enlarge their breeding, after trying the sets.

(read more about bee breeding sets

Welcome to BioDar!


Conditions of delivery



  1. Products are sent by the Seller within the time specified in the product’s description (subject to point  2) or on another date agreed with the Customer, in the manner chosen by the Customer when placing the Order.
  2. In case of ordering Products with different delivery times, the Customer has the option to request delivery of the Products in parts or delivery of all Products after completing the entire order. The choice of shipment in several batches may result in increased shipping costs, as the Seller informs the Customer.
  3. The preparation of the Products for shipment starts, depending on the method of payment:
    1. If the Customer selects the method of payment by bank transfer, online payments or by credit card - from the day of crediting the Seller's bank account.
    2. If the Customer chooses the method of payment on delivery - from the day of concluding the Sales Agreement.
  4. Product delivery takes place in Republic of Poland and other countries. In case when the provisions of the Republic of Poland, the selected country of delivery, carriers chosen by the Seller or international regulations make it impossible to perform the contract, the Seller shall inform the Customer thereof. The Customer may change the delivery address or decide to modify or cancel the order - in the last case, the Sales Agreement shall be considered as not being concluded. This point concerns mainly the shipment of live animals, including insect cocoons.
  5. Shipments are delivered only on business days.
  6. The time needed for delivery of the parcel is counted from the moment of sending the order from the storehouse, until the parcel is delivered to the indicated address. This is the estimated time provided by the carrier and can be checked on the carrier's website.






Your order will be delivered to the indicated address by a postman, courier or broker of Polish Post. In the case of shipments exceeding the dimensions of the mailboxes, the supplier leaves notification informing about the possibility of collecting the parcel at the nearest post office.

Shipments containing live animals or plants are sent by priority shipments for the transport of animals or plants.

The cost of a shipment depends on the delivery address and a weight of the order.


Your order will be delivered to the indicated address by the courier.

The cost of shipment depends on the delivery address and a weight of the order.

The courier will take up to 2 attempts to deliver the order. For your convenience, in case of absence at the address during the delivery attempt, the parcel may be sent to a nearby courier service pickup point. To collect your order from the courier delivery point, you must show a valid and official ID. You have 7 days to collect your order from the courier delivery point. After this time, the order will be returned to the BioDar store.



Your order will be delivered to the indicated address (in Europe via courier DPD or Polish Post), and the form of delivery depends on the content and dimensions of the shipment.

Shipments are delivered on all business days within 3-10 days from the date of dispatch, depending on the country of delivery.



• The courier will take up to 2 attempts to deliver the order,

• Otherwise, you have 7 days to collect your order from the courier delivery point. After this time, the order will be returned to the BioDar store.




  1. Check the parcel on delivery in the presence of the courier. If you find any irregularity (e.g. open or damaged shipment), report it to the courier and ask for a complaint form with his signature on it. Some carriers will not take into account the complaint without a complaint form completed in the presence of the courier.
  2. When the nature of the subject of the Sales Agreement does not allow, judiciously judging, for the advance proposition of the final delivery method, the "Individual shipping method" will be placed in the Order form. After receiving a filled Order form, we will verify whether the ordered Products may be sent to the country of delivery selected in the Order form, and what are the possible shipping methods. You will be informed via e-mail about the possible shipping methods and pricing. Depending on the legal regulations, additional information may be required from you, such as e.g.. the number of the registered breeding, in case of the dispatch of live animals. The order will be considered as concluded when you accept one of the suggested shipping methods and fulfill all additional obligations resulting from legal provisions, which must be expressed in an email from you.
  3. Shipments containing live insects or animals are usually shipped at the beginning of the week (Monday and Tuesday), to avoid the shipment being retained by the carrier during the weekend.
  4. If the parcel contains insects or plants, please collect the parcel from the courier/post office as soon as possible and place it in the proper conditions.
  5. In case of the weight of the order exceeding the maximum weight for the selected form of shipment, the order will be sent in several packages
  6. The delivery status of the order can be monitored by providing the number of the consignment note on the courier's website. You will receive this number in an email confirming shipment of the order from the store. You can check the delivery status here:

For DPD courier:

For Polish Post:


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