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  • BioDar Dorota Flaga
    Konarzyce, ul. Łomżyńska 210
    18-400 Łomża
    NIP: 7181915071

  • Phone+48 508 571 345
  • Store hoursMonday - Friday 8.30 - 16.30

Have already osmia?

  • YES, I have already osmia
  • NO, I don't have osmia, I am interested in growing my own breeding
  • NO, I don't have osmia, and I don't want to have it

New prices are already lower!

Prices of reusable BioDar nests for osmia rufa starts from 0,10 Euro (cost of one nesting plate with 20 nests - 2.00 Euro). 
Prices of nests in sets of nesting trays - even lower than 0,08 Euro/nest.

The effectiveness of our patented BioDar sets for osmia bees is testified by hundreds of our customers who come back to us to enlarge their breeding, after trying the sets.

(read more about bee breeding sets

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