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Have already osmia?


Our offer is addressed to all persons and institutions interested in the protection of wild bees and other pollinating insects, owners of small gardens and large plantations, wanting to improve pollination and yielding of their crops, to educational centers and all those who care about nature.
BioDar's offer includes, among others:
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!
New prices are already lower!

Prices of reusable BioDar nests for osmia rufa starts from 0,10 Euro (cost of one nesting plate with 20 nests - 2.00 Euro). 
Prices of nests in sets of nesting trays start from 0,085 Euro/nest.

The effectiveness of our patented BioDar sets for osmia bees is testified by hundreds of our customers who come back to us to enlarge their breeding, after trying the sets.

(read more about bee breeding sets

Welcome to BioDar!

How can you start breeding mason bee?

Step by step instruction!

It will help you make a decision:

1. How many mason bees cocoons do you need?
2. How many nests do you need?
3. Where to put the nests?
4. In what to expose cocoons?
5. What else is needed?

Watch us on Youtube!

How to take the mason bee cocoons out 10 times faster?

Do you use the mason bee like Osmia rufa L. to pollinate your crops?
Do you have your own mason bee breeding which consist of several thousand bees or more?
Are you terrified by the amount of work it will require to take the cocoons out of the nests?

If so, you must watch this video!
It shows how to take the healthy cocoons of mason bees out from the reed tubes and BioDar nesting trays (patent protection). Although reed is a natural material eagerly settled by the mason bees, working with it is time-consuming and wearisome. Using BioDar nesting trays makes the breeding work easier and reduces the time of taking the cocoons out from the nest even about 8-10 times.

See more our films on youtube!
- see how to start your own breeding of Red Mason Bee (osmia rufa / bicornis) using BioDar System - breeding equipment developed by BioDar, that makes breeding easy and convenient.
- check how to complete the equipment, and what and when should be done so that the breeding brings the best results
- know more about bees!

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Gardener set for osmia rufa / bicornis breeding

This breeding set consists of:

  • Hotel for insects, size S - can hold up to 20 nesting trays
  • Nesting trays set (20 units), in which the females of mason bees build nests
  • Cocoons release box
  • 400 pcs. of mason bee cocoons
  • Separator

The set includes detailed instructions for using the BioDar breeding equipment.

The number of nests is adapted to the needs of 400 bees in a season abundant in food. Such a set can be used for many years, and following the instructions for proper keeping osmia breeding allows you to increase your own mason bee population quickly.



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