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Our offer is addressed to all persons and institutions interested in the protection of wild bees and other pollinating insects, owners of small gardens and large plantations, wanting to improve pollination and yielding of their crops, to educational centers and all those who care about nature.
BioDar's offer includes, among others:
  • useful pollinators from the BioDar Cultural Farm and cooperating farms,
  • complete kits for wild bees to grow and run their own breeding,
  • nesting boxes for birds, insects, bats, bird feeders
  • Educational materials: posters, boards and other products.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!
From now on, a new shipping method is available for orders up to 2 kg - registered letter.

Orders with a weight greater than 2 kg and containing goods each weighing less than 2 kg are automatically divided into several shipments, just as it already works in the case of courier shipments.

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Red Mason Bee (Osmia rufa L. / Osmia bicornis) cocoons, 1000 pcs
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1000 cocoons of Red Mason Bee (Osmia rufa L. / Osmia bicornis)

After purchasing cocoons, they should be kept in a cool place (preferably at a temperature of about 2 degrees Celsius), in a place providing protection against moisture and rodents. It is necessary to check their condition every two weeks, and about 2-3 weeks before the expected flowering of plants, cocoons should be placed in the orchard, garden or plantation. This will allow the bees to gradually wake up.
Bees should be placed in the target place at a height about one meter above the ground, preferably in a cocoon release box that protects the cocoons from rodents, wind and rain, near the nests prepared for them.


24,00 EuroManufacturer: Cultural Farm BioDar
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Availability: Available

A handy tool designed for the precise and simultaneous taking cocoons out of many nests, without exposing them to crushing. Using the separator makes possible thorough cleaning the channels from remains of clay and pollen and acquiring the mason bee cocoons from the nesting trays on average 9-times faster than from the stems of reed. 
It is a part of BioDar System for Mason Bee (osmia rufa / cornuta) breeding.

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