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New prices are already lower!

Prices of reusable BioDar nests for osmia rufa starts from 0,10 Euro (cost of one nesting plate with 20 nests - 2.00 Euro). 
Prices of nests in sets of nesting trays - even lower than 0,08 Euro/nest.

The effectiveness of our patented BioDar sets for osmia bees is testified by hundreds of our customers who come back to us to enlarge their breeding, after trying the sets.

(read more about bee breeding sets

Welcome to BioDar!

How can you start breeding mason bee?

How to do it? - step by step instruction

1. How many mason bee cocoons do you need?

  • if you have a small plot, garden or small backyard orchard, 200 – 400 mason bee cocoons should be enough for you,
  • for a larger plot or an orchard of up to 0.5 ha with various trees, we recommend 700 cocoons.
  • for larger crops, you need more sets distributed fairly evenly in the orchard / plantation, the recommended number of bees depending on the type of crop can be found here and sets with 700 or 1000 cocoons are best for this purpose.

Cocoons are only available during the sale period (usually October-February)

2. How many nests do you need?

It can be assumed that 5 nesting trays are needed for every 100 cocoons.
Therefore, for example:

  • for 200 cocoons you need 10 nesting trays,
  • for 400 cocoons you need 20 nesting trays,
  • for 700 cocoons you need 35 nesting trays,
  • for 1000 cocoons you need 50 nesting trays.

3. Casing - where to put the nests?

You have a choice:

  • hotels for insects that can be hung on a tree, fence or wall,
  • portable nesting boxes, intended, for example, for plantations of berry bushes, to be placed on a frame, under a roof.

The size should depend on the number of nests selected. You can also choose a larger casing if you plan to develop a mason bee breeding farm or you want to place a box with cocoons on the nesting trays, inside the casing.

Hotel for insects, size S - can hold up to 20 nesting trays,
Hotel for insects, size M - can hold up to 35 nesting trays,
Hotel for insects, size L - can hold up to 50 nesting trays,
Nesting box - can hold up to 35 nesting trays.


4. In what to expose cocoons? - Cocoons release box

If the selected number of nesting trays fills the entire hotel or nesting box, then, in the spring, the cocoons can be placed in the cocoons release box (fastened to the hotels with two retractable hooks on their bottom or placed under the nesting box). The cassette will also be perfect for storing cocoons in the winter.

5. Separator

If you care about the success of mason bee breeding, you should remove the cocoons from the nesting trays in the winter and remove the remains of nests and pollen. The separator will greatly facilitate and speed up these works.

Now you can choose the right set from the ones available in our Store or create your own.


Detailed information about the set components can be found here:
Information about the mason bee, its biology, breeding, and the possibility of using it in agriculture can be found at link and in the publications available in the Store.

Each set includes detailed instructions for breeding mason bee using BioDar equipment.



The set should be placed at any height, preferably not less than 1m from the ground, in a place providing protection against rain and wind, and the nesting box with trays must not be exposed to direct sunlight (high temperature during hot days may cause deformation of nesting trays and narrowing the nest channels)!

Useful links:
- recommended amounts of bees depending on the type of crop

- BioDar System for growing own population of Red Mason Bee



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